Here you will find all the necessary information before your operation


You come to the operating room when it is time for your operation. Specialist doctors in orthopedics and anesthesiology, operating room nurses, anesthesia nurses and assistant nurses work in the operating department.

You who are operated on during day surgery come to the operating room recovery room, which is adjacent to the operating room, before and after your procedure.

Skin care/diet/exercise

After an operative intervention, it is important to take care of your skin. We therefore recommend medical skin care products from NeoStrata.

Good fitness and a healthy diet will help you achieve and then maintain a nice result after your surgery. For more information about diet and exercise, we recommend that you go to the Swedish Food Agency's diet and exercise recommendations www.slv.se .


Since you may be in pain when you get home, you should have bought Alvedon, Panodil or the equivalent yourself. We recommend that you take one of these pain relievers and the anti-inflammatory medication that you have been given. These tablets provide optimal pain treatment, better wound healing and reduce irritation in the surgical wound.

We recommend that you stay still for a couple of days to reduce the risk of bleeding and swelling. For the first 2 days after the operation, you should have the leg in a high position. It is good if you have a relative nearby who can give you support and help.

Keep the dressing on for the first day after surgery. If the bandage is too tight, you should reapply it. The next day, the entire dressing is removed. The patches should be changed if they become wet or bleed through. Bleeding dressings increase the risk of infection. If the wounds are still oozing after 4 days, contact us at Huddinge Orthopedics or your healthcare centre.

If you received a water-repellent patch, you may shower 2-3 days after the operation. The plasters are changed if they have become wet. Until the stitches have been removed, you should avoid tubs, swimming pools and the like, as this increases the risk of infection.

If you have problems with:

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling – in the first day, swelling can be a sign of bleeding
  • Pain – if you do not get enough pain relief from the recommended medication
  • Infection - in case of redness, swelling and feeling of warmth and possible fever

- should you contact us at Huddinge Orthopedics or your health centre, should you not be able to get in touch with us, you can contact the nearest emergency department.

We hope you recover soon!

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