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AC-LEDSARTROS/ Impingement

With or without muscle tendon damage, Rotator cuff rupture

The AC joint is the joint between the Acromion (the roof of the shoulder) and the Clavicula (the collarbone). Osteoarthritis in the AC joint means that the cartilage that normally covers the joint surface is damaged. This means that the skeletal parts do not slide against each other as they should, causing pain and inflammation. The problems can be alleviated by anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medications as well as physical therapy. If there is no effect, surgery can be considered.

The surgery aims to create more space between the Acromion and Clavicula by removing a few millimeters of the damaged surface. A soft scar tissue forms in the gap. The operation is carried out using the peephole technique and usually three cuts of just under a centimeter are made in the skin. It is not unusual to have other problems in the shoulder joint, these can usually be remedied in connection with the procedure.

Preparation for surgery

Information about preparations for the operation will be sent to you when you register for the operation, but you can also find parts of this information on the website under "To you as a Patient". Try to be as active as possible until the operation to facilitate rehabilitation.

On the day of surgery

The day of surgery begins with an enrollment call and you are prepared for surgery. The operator talks to you before the operation and you receive pain-relieving medicine and preventive medicine against nausea. The operation takes place under anesthesia. Waiting time may occur on the day of surgery.

After the operation

Usually you can go home a couple of hours after the operation. For the first few days, you relieve the arm in a shoulder brace to reduce the pain. It is important to take the arm out of the cast and train the mobility right from the start. For optimal pain relief, you will receive the prescriptions you need before going home. Wound control and stitch removal takes place at Huddinge Orthopedics about 2 weeks after the operation, and you get an appointment for a return visit to your doctor after about 6-8 weeks. The length of the sick leave is usually 1-3 months but varies depending on the job you have.


You will receive a training program with movement exercises. Feel free to contact a physiotherapist before the operation and book an appointment about 1 week after the operation. We would like your physiotherapist to be familiar with the Axelina concept for rehabilitation after shoulder surgery.

Common questions

How well will I be after surgery? The result after an AC joint operation is usually very good and most patients get rid of their pain when healing and rehabilitation are completed. Most people experience a clear improvement already after 6-8 weeks, but sometimes it can take longer.

Are there any risks with the surgery? Yes, there is a risk of complications with all procedures. Infection, bleeding, nerve damage, instability and frozen shoulder are examples of complications, but these are very rare. Your surgeon will inform you about the pros and cons of the surgery.


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